Our mission


Содействовать экономическому развитию и успеху клиента, посредством предоставления высококвалифицированных и эффективных решений.


Our company offers following types of assessment:

·         Assessment of commercial real estate (offices, trade spaces and shops, pharmacies, beauty shops and etc.);

·         Land assessment;

·         Assessment of residential real estate (flat, house);

·         Machinery and equipment assessment (vehicles, production equipment and etc.);

·         Business evaluation;

·         Intellectual property assessment (patents, licenses, brands, program software, goodwill and etc.).

Why it is necessary to do independent assessment?

Independent assessment may be necessary in case of implementation of any activities with assets.

These are the most common situations when independent expert assessment is needed:

·         Transactions on buying and selling residential and commercial real estate, land and other types of assets;

·         Inheritance registration, enfeoffment registration;

·         Contribution to registered capital;

·         Property disputes and litigations;

·         Management  and investment decision-making;

·         Estimation of rent rate;

·         Lending on security;

·         Asset revaluation;

·         Implementation of building projects or reconstruction of real estate.

Why us?

·         More than 13 years of experience in providing assessment services;

·         We care deeply about our methodological base development, which allows to use modern assessment methods

·    The company is a member of professional organizations for more than 10 years (Association of Legal Entities “The Kyrgyz Association of Appraisers”, “Union of Kyrgyz Appraisers”);

·         The company is included in the list of accredited consultants of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;

·         The company has a vast experience in different sectors of economy such as a financial sector, industry and etc.;


·         Experts of our company have a great number of certificates from both local and foreign institutions which confirm their extensive knowledge.


  • Частный жилой дом

    • - дом в черте города
    • - дом за городом
    • - земельные участки
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  • Квартира

    • - оценка для сделки купли-продажи
    • - оценка для целей страхования
    • - оценка на права наследства
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  • Автомобиль

    • - легковой автомобиль
    • - грузовой автотранспорт
    • - специализированный транспорт
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  • Коммерческая недвижимость

    • - офисные
    • - административные помещения (аптека, кафе, склад и др.)
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  • Промышленные объекты

    • - заводы
    • - фабрики
    • - пансионаты
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  • Оборудование

    • - компьютеры
    • - офисная техника
    • - мебель
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